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As an active oil and gas industry service provider, we are committed to the protection of life and property in all that we seek to achieve. Accordingly, our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our employees and all others involve in, or affected by, our operations. Simultaneously we actively protect the environment in which we work and conduct our activities.


Our currently active Tier 1 Green initiatives, and commercial innovations, combine to target an annual emissions reduction of 38,000 Tonnes and eliminate the use over 91 million liters of fresh water in the operations Tier 1 is involved in.

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E-Skid efficiencies

E-Set efficiencies

Smooth cable technology efficiencies

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Health & Safety

Our commitment to HS&E is embedded in our organization and is the basis of our first core value. It starts with our leaders and extends down to every employee and contractor involved in our operation.

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Continuous improvement efforts


Our HSE team

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Workforce engagement

Our workforce engagement strategy focuses on our core values: A total commitment to health, safety, and the environment; to provide innovative solutions; to exceed expectations; to earn the respect of our business partners; and to be first in service quality. We promote a culture of employee empowerment and accountability keeping these values as our foundation.

All employees are empowered directly by the president of Tier 1 to stop any task at hand and exercise their right and their responsibility to prevent an incident.

Employees are encouraged to bring forward safety, efficiency, and environmental concerns through our internal reporting system, to be part of the solution, and they are recognized positively for making safe decisions.

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