Our commitment to service quality is the driving force behind what we do. Our wireline operations are based in Weatherford, Oklahoma and Midland, Texas. We utilize advanced field-proven technology and our focus is on providing services consistently at the highest level of performance efficiency.

We maintain a robust non-compliance reporting (NCR) program with regular meetings between our operations, engineering and management teams to diagnose any failure, develop corrective actions and relay the information to our field team. We continually seek out new technologies and processes to ensure we are on the leading edge of advancements in providing cased-hole wireline services with world-class service quality and efficiency.

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One of the biggest challenges facing operators is identifying the source and mitigating surface casing vent flows and/or gas migrations.

Millions of dollars are spent each year in unsuccessful attempts to locate and eliminate gas venting or migrating to surface. The complicated nature of the problem makes it difficult to determine why the attempt failed: whether the source was not properly identified, or the mitigation was unsuccessful, or both.

Tier 1’s approach is to give customers access to a comprehensive toolbox of services and expertise critical to tackling this problem. We offer customers the best chance to identify and eliminate gas sources on the first attempt using a variety of technologies, including:


  • The Cased Hole Analysis Tool (CHAT)
  • Traditional Noise/Temp logging


  • DynaEnergetics Slot Gun System
  • SealWell Bismuth Tin Metallic Plugs

Download surface casing vent flow / gas migration abandonment services info sheets

Seal Well


Cased Hole Analysis Tool


Whether the requirement is a deep toe shoot or an extended-lateral multi-run perforating operation, Tier 1 has the tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) technology and experienced supervisors necessary to ensure successful deployment.

Our technology allows us meet nearly all TCP requirements. We offer options such as: mechanical firing heads, pressure activated firing heads, orientation equipment, e-coil equipment, and numerous others for specific needs.

Our services makes us the clear leader in well integrity logging—from injector conversions to integrity checks in ageing heavy oil wells, we have our clients covered.

Within our own technology toolbox and through our relationship with major suppliers, we have an expanded offering in the well integrity domain. Tier 1 provides multi-string through-tubing casing thickness tools, caliper tools, and bond-logging technology in order to cover a wide range well-bore logging requirements.

Whatever the job, we have the right tools with the right people to run it—from a bridge plug set and a cement dump bailer to a collar locator-gamma ray log and a perforating gun.

We have a full selection of standard mechanical tools available to be deployed by our experienced crews. In addition, we have access to most gun systems allowing us to customize our solution to the variables of the specific well-bore requirements.

Download perforating and mechanical info sheets

TriStim Perforating System


In pump-down perforating operations, efficiency is the key to success. Our experienced wellsite teams, management and engineering staff continuously evaluate our wellsite procedures and processes in close coordination with our clients to ensure efficiencies are always achieved.

To achieve maximum efficiency we utilize proven Smooth™ cable technology which eliminates the need for grease injection and enables a step change in running line-speed. In combination with our Smooth™ cable we utilize our own extremely reliable ballistic release tool technology which minimizes the risk of pump-off and has almost completely eliminated failures associated to conventional release tools.

Download pump-down perforating operations info sheets







Pumpdown Perforating


KX Neo Dissolvable Frac Plug


Ballistic Release Tool


The depth and flexibility of our offerings, combined with our experienced team make Tier 1 the leading choice for any pipe recovery needs.

We are the only service company capable of delivering pipe recovery and cased-hole services off the same unit, providing flexibility when you need it. We can supply pipe cutting services to 15,000 psi, a full range of chemical cutters, speciality and motorized free point tools as well as side entry equipment for top drive operations.


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