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Multi-stage equipment

Tier 1 is one of a select few service companies that have fully-commercialized products and experienced personnel to deliver various techniques of multi-stage completions.  These include pump-down plug and perforating, ball-actuated sleeve systems, and hybrids of these two.

Options to install these technologies include: open-hole deployment, cemented or partially cemented systems and either as a liner or monobore. Although our current product offering exceeds many of today’s requirements, we continue to push technological and operational advancements to facilitate additional stages, longer laterals, time savings, safety improvements and reduce displacement volumes required.

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Full multi-stage equipment services

The competitive advantage that the Tier 1 ball-actuated valve offers is the ability to provide more stage counts, less taper between seat IDs, and a higher pressure rating of the ball on seat.

This is a result of extensive testing, carefully selecting the most advanced materials and incorporating unique design features. In addition, opening shear value tolerances are tightly controlled for reliable and consistent surface pressure signatures.

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Dissolvable Ball


Locking Trip Sub


Ported Valve


Tier 1’s full power is evident when using combined products and services from the completions and wireline product lines.

We were at the forefront in bringing Smooth cable to market, and through engineering advancements and operational experience, we have nearly perfected the pump-down process.

Operators can combine this industry-leading wireline and perforating technology with the most advanced frac plug technology, NEO dissolvable HP plug, from our completions portfolio. We offer these products and services as stand-alone or in combination with our other product offerings.

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KX Neo Dissolvable Frac Plug


Rigorous testing at elevated temperatures is essential to provide the industry with a reliable packer suited for the multi-stage market.

Tier 1 offers qualified and field-proven liner top packers, casing annular packers and isolation packers for inside casing. The experience-driven engineered solutions incorporated into the design of these packers ensure that installation risk is minimized and performance reliability is maximized.

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Tri-Jay Tieback Receptacle


Latch Seal Receptacle


Latch Seal Assembly


Tri-Jay Seal Assembly


Tieback Receptacle


Locator Seal Assembly


Clutched Latch Seal Receptacle


Clutched Latch Seal Assembly


Liner Top Packer


Open Hole Packer


Tier 1 delivers quality toe equipment tested to down-hole environments and field proven for trusted reliability.

As we continue to increase lateral lengths in our well-bore designs, the importance of reliable equipment required to function at the toe becomes paramount. Effective and fully competent isolation, with reliable and consistent hydraulic activation are keys to eliminate unnecessary expenses or loss of reservoir access.

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Differential Pressure Toe Valve


Atmospheric-Chambered Toe Valve


Installation techniques and well designs for multi-stage installations can vary significantly.

We offer an assortment of accessories that provide options for where to place cement during installation or testing casing when stimulation activities have been completed. Other Tier 1 accessories are capable of strengthening the structure of the casing string or centralizing the string within the wellbore. We offer custom engineered solutions for specific requirements.

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Post-Stimulation Test Sub


Open Hole Anchor


HP Hydraulic Stage Collar


Debris Barrier Sub


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