Our active Tier 1 green initiatives and commercial innovations combine to target an annual reduction in emissions of 38,000 tonnes and eliminate the use of over 91 million litres of fresh water.

Tier 1 Green is more than just the colour of our logo

One of the core values of our team is a total commitment to health, safety, and the environment. This promotes “Green” thinking to be a key part of our culture. At Tier 1, we actively seek out, promote, and develop technologies and opportunities that have a positive impact on how our operations interact with the environment.

E-Skid Efficiencies

The electric E-skid™ technology from Tier 1 is designed specifically for improving the safety and efficiency of wireline pump-down operations.

Source power options available to enable a reduction of GHG emissions up to 14,000 kg/month

Minimal operating noise levels eliminating the need for hearing protection and greatly reduces noise pollution

A decreased in fuel consumption of over 25% vs a convention wireline unit when utilizing fuel for power generation

Improved safety by means of eliminating steps to access, improved visibility, and an ergonomic cabin design

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E-set Efficiencies

Eliminates the release of 4,400 kilograms of noxious gas/year from plug setting operations, creating a healthier atmosphere for our employees and the environment

Eliminates the consumption, and disposal, of 17,500 aerosol cans of cleaning agent and over 7,000 liters of oil per year

Reduces the number of expendable items by 70,000 units/year

Eliminates 3 pieces of explosive material every time a plug is set, creating a safer work environment for our employees

Eliminates the requirement to handle and bleed-off a pressurized setting tool at surface

Tier 1 Smooth Cable Efficencies

The Tier 1 Smooth™ cable technology package specifically engineered for pump-down applications includes greaseless wireline, flex joint, over-the-line weight bars and our proprietary ballistic release tool.

Eliminates over 60,000 litres of grease required when utilizing standard braided wireline

Allows for varying run-in and pull-out speeds without risking any torque effects on the line

Cleaner operation which reduces safety hazards of slippery gloves, slips, trips, and falls

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