Actioning our pathway to net zero is confirmation of our commitment to Tier 1’s first core value:
Health, Safety and Environment: Total commitment without compromise

Our Objective

Addressing climate change and the GHG emissions that contribute to it requires long-term commitment and strategies.  Tier 1 is committed to adopting effective and achievable measures to meeting its GHG reduction goals and objectives.

It is important to stress GHG reduction is not singularly a technological challenge. GHG reductions and environmental progress is a collaborative effort that requires technological investment and customer acceptance to work together.  

As an industry leader, Tier 1 believes it has an important role to play in this effort through its ongoing focus on broader utilization of its proprietary technology and the continual evolution of environmentally responsible behavior including GHG reduction business strategies that have been one of our founding core values.

Our Progress to Date

Since the company’s inception Tier 1 has been looking for ways to improve the environmental performance of our services by investment in the development of environmental technologies such as:

Smooth Wireline Cable. Developed by Tier 1 in partnership with a key industry supplier to optimize and popularize greaseless pressure control technology.

E-SkidTM Electrical Wireline Skid Units. North American Land’s first electrically powered wireline skid specifically designed for pump-down applications.  This technology is progressing rapidly towards displacing diesel power wireline on well pads.

E-SetTM Setting Tool. A new reusable technology that uses household batteries as the primary power source instead of explosives. E-SetTM fully eliminates the use of hydrocarbon based fluids and the need to dispose of those fluids after use.

The Path to Net Zero

Building on our successful environmental initiatives to date, Tier 1 believes that a path to Net Zero is achievable as current technology is more broadly adapted and other technologies become available. We believe that by focusing on the most carbon intensive aspects of our operations we can achieve our net GHG reduction objectives as early as 2035. These steps would include:

Heavy vehicle fleet transition to low carbon, no carbon alternatives.

Light vehicle fleet transition to battery electric vehicles.

VOC emission reduction through broader adaption and utilization of “tireless” technology such as E-SkidTM.

Emissions reduction and elimination due to venting of NO2 and SrO gases during field operations.

Tier 1’s goals and objectives are based on and will be achieved by:

Our commitment to consistent focus and actions. Predictable policies and regulatory environments in the areas that we operate within that are committed to fostering technology innovation and adaption, responsible investment and supporting economic growth opportunities for all stakeholders.

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