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To ensure all of our offerings meet the challenges of today’s new well designs, flow regimes, and workover requirements, Tier 1 maintains focus on the continuous advancement of our traditional completion equipment while at the same time raising the bar on multi-stage technology. Our trained professionals deliver the service experience and seamless execution that when combined with our high-quality products ensure installation success.

Tier 1 is a reliable source for nearly all well completion requirements, including: Packer assemblies, gas lift, plunger lift, jet pumps, flow distribution, abandonment equipment, plugs, anchors, and service tools to name a few.  Our extensive tool box allows us to work in nearly all environments including:  Steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), high-pressure / high-temperature (HP/HT), and corrosive applications.

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Full Completions services

Tier 1 has a large selection of packers to ensure we provide the correct solution, based on the down-hole environment and the type of installation desired, including: standard service, corrosive resistant alloys, elastomer options, and sour service materials.

Equipment selection varies based on casing, temperature, pressure, corrosiveness, deviation and deployment method. We also consider future well plans, ease of recovery, accessories required, and accessibility through the packer to ensure the packer selection provides the best economical return for its functional lifetime within the well.

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HydroGrip Hydraulic-Set Retrievable Packer


R-3 Single Grip Packer


Model T Tension Packer


TXT-II Double Grip Packer


TS1-X Mechanical-set Double-grip packer


Whether you require a single tool or have a high well-count operation, Tier 1 has the equipment and support service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Simplicity and reliability are the key features required for service tools, such as the tubing anchor-catcher. Our equipment options satisfy both criteria and are specifically designed to be economically serviced with minimal labour.

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C1 - Anchor Catcher


Model T Tension Anchor


Addressing our clients’ current needs and pre-planning future well requirements prevents or reduces complications and minimizes well-intervention costs.

Accessories, such as profile nipples and sliding sleeves, permit rig-less access to perform various operations, including isolating production, hanging of memory recorders or changing flow path. In addition, accessories such as an on-off assembly or a shear disconnect, will allow for options when recovering the tubing string or entire bottom-hole assembly.

We offer a variety of common accessories and for any specific challenge not addressed with our current equipment, we are always prepared to provide custom technology options.

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T2 On-Off Assembly


Tier 1 offers robust, reliable and economic solutions for well abandonment, suspension, isolation, and intervention operations.

In combination with our other product offerings of wireline or thru-tubing, we can efficiently deliver and deploy equipment as required, while minimizing the number of service companies and personnel on location.

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Permanent Bridge Plug Thermal Equipment


Retrievable Bridge Plug


Many options exist for down-hole tools that are designed for specific applications.

Tier 1 offers several proven technologies that selectively isolate, stimulate, and produce specific intervals. We also offer various methods and techniques of deploying down-hole tools. We can provide custom-engineered solutions to new or specific challenges faced by today’s completion client.

Tier 1 has an extensive offering of thru-tubing equipment, ranging from motors to packers.

We offer the associated accessories to ensure the assembly gets to depth and is recovered back to surface when desired. At Tier 1 we combine the experience and available equipment from Completions and Wireline which results in superior approach to addressing thru-tubing requirements.


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